Planting the future

To get where we are has not been easy but it has been comforting. For this reason we always want more, and of course, better.



We want to

Go a lot further

We are working on amplifying our production capacity and adding value to the quality of our products through a totally vertical integration that will continue to allow us to take part in the full organic agricultural process.

At present, we are carrying out several projects to further develop our sustainable production of organic citrus fruits.  A clear example is those taking place in Finca Bobalén (96ha) or in Finca Casamayor (80ha). These farms share with very particular characteristics and microclimates due to their enclaves, after being meticulously studied for the purpose of planting citrus trees and other herbaceous species and indigenous bushes, are beginning to see their first fruits.

We want to

Introduce new varieties

We listen to the consumers’ needs, we study every trend, every product and every need with the objective of offering our clients what they are looking for whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.  It is said that the secret of pleasure lies in variety, and it is true that we enjoy the introduction of every single novelty more each time.

Nowadays we are producing different varieties that do not yet appear publicly in our catalogue, but they will be soon because we’re looking forward to sharing them with the world. A clear example of these is the Sanguinelli orange, the Mandanova madarin, exotic citrus fruits such as the Kumquat, the Caviar citrus or Hand of Buddha, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Nuevas variedades
We want to

Make the world a better place

Our agronomic practices as well as following the guidelines of an organic plantation value the basic principles of agroecology, promoting the development of herbaceous species and indigenous bushes in the area, in conjunction with citrus plantations.

We have faith in Regenerative agriculture in that the plantation itself functions as a drain of CO2 and reduces the hydrological footprint thanks to the most efficient use of water, another of our most prized possessions.

This type of agriculture perfectly complements the most advanced technology in sustainable management of both irrigation and automatic fertirrigation. We remain at the forefront to ensure that technology continues to be our biggest ally in our strive towards a better world.